Forest, A source of Water and Life/ Wild-Men, Citizens of the Future


Arcturos presented the educational environmental programmes “Forest, A source of Water and Life” and “Wild-Men, Citizens of the Future” with the projection of a relevant documentary and completed its presence in the island with a discussion regarding living conditions of the bear in Greek forests as well as volunteering.

  1. Presentation to children of the pedagogical programme “Forest, A source of Water and Life” aiming to:
  • Teach the students about the function of the forest ecosystems of our country and the importance of water.
  • Comprehend the similar ways of functioning between a forest ecosystem and their life in a block of apartments.
  • Track human practices which interfere with our harmonic relation with the natural environment.


  1. Presentation of the pedagogical programme “Wild-Men, Citizens of the Future” to the two last grades of Primary School, aiming to:
  • Teach the students about the main environmental issues and actions regarding wildlife and the nature of mainland Greece.
  • Comprehend the sustainable management systems and scientific research methods on these issues.
  • Develop learning strategies through the knowledge game concerned.


  1. Visit to the High School and Lyceum of the island and presentation of the programme “Wild-Men, Citizens of the Future”.