The teachers of our school congratulate you on your initiative!
Both workshops held in our school met with absolute success. The students got familiar with the composting process, by getting actively involved in it and additionally they learned about the endangered species of our country and Arcturos’ activity. In general, they were prompted to obtain environmental and ecological awareness.
The rapporteurs (Ms. Vassiliki Papachristou and and Mr. Iordanis Chatzipavlidis) were perfectly prepared, their presentations were adapted to both cognitive and age level of the students and achieved to intrigue them.
I wish you to continue this kind of actions, because in that way the school turns into a more open space to the society and the learning process becomes far more compelling, beyond the formal contexts.

The Principal of Lepti’s Primary school,
Paschalis Paschaloudis

It was a very interesting topic, quite unusual for us. We were really impressed by the altering colours and sounds, while the animation impressed us! It is amazing how much technology has progressed nowadays. We look forward to the next workshop and we hope it’s gonna be equally good and advanced to the last one!

Yours sincerely,
The students of 5th-6th grade of the primary school of Dytiki Fragista

Greetings from Northern Evros and the picturesque village of Dadia!
We are a small primary school in the end of Rhodope’s mountain range, in the famous Forest of Dadia. We got really happy when the coordinator of “Energy for Life” communicated with us, as we do not have the opportunity to access such a big variety of educational workshops, conducted by highly educated staff.
We had a wonderful, creative and pleasant time and we learned plenty of different things in the classroom, thus we felt that we are not forgotten and that we can hope for,similarly constructive, activities later on.
We would like to thank Mrs. Papazoglou from the Red Cross, Mrs. Vassiliki Papachristou from Arcturos and Mr. Iordanis Hatzipavlidis from the Agricultural University of Athens.

The Head of the primary school of Dadia,
Maria Tsiggidou

Dear team of Agoni Grammi Gonimi,
The students and the faculty of the primary school of Asproneri, really thank you for the great work that you are doing during the tough days we are going through, by supporting in practice schools located in remote areas of Greece, like ours.
The workshops carried out this year (first the seminar on the bears and the forest and afterwards the composting one) were perfectly organized by a fully professional staff. They managed to keep young students’ interest high and communicated successfully their knowledge and values, through a fun and pleasant way. Moreover, the collaboration with the coordinators of “Energy for Life” was excellent and we truly hope in our anew cooperation in the upcoming school year.
We wish you to continue your effort with the same passion and to always offer “profit” to the schools in “non profit lines”, through fruitful ideas and activities.

The Head of the primary school,
Siourantanis Konstantinos

First I would like to inform you that the pupils are already waiting for the next workshop, as their impression from their acquaintance with the turtle was really positive! In specific, they mentioned that they were impressed by how big Caretta-Caretta is and realised that they had already seen one in the island. The board game caught their attention and in the end of the presentation they wanted to get the little turtles they created to their houses, in order to show them to their parents. On my part, I would like to acknowledge that the workshop was perfectly adapted to the children’s level and it managed to convey the message of sea turtles’ protection, in a playful way. Concerning “Books on wheels”, they have managed to trigger the reading interest of the children. So far, we have organised reading activities at school, borrowing of books at home and fairytale dramatization.

The teacher of Heraklia’s primary school,
Maria Kouloumarienou

“Energy for Life” was a very interesting programme and the children really liked it. They were especially impressed by Arcturos´ workshop about the wild animals!

Primary school of Zoodochos, Ioannina

We would like to thank Ms. Soulakis and Mr. Stefanos for this excursion to Thessaloniki. It was an unforgettable experience that will always stay in our hearts. Thank you for taking us to all these beautiful places, like the Planetarium and the American Farm School of Thessaloniki and we hope that we will visit them again in the near future!

Best regards,
The students of 6th grade of Kalpaki´s primary school, Ioannina

We would like to thank you for the donation of the bicycles, but also for the educational workshops realized in our island! The knowledge imparted to the pupils of our island was really constructive and gave them much food for thought beyond the limits of the classroom. For us, the backwoodsmen, there are no infertile places, but only infertile minds!
We are waiting for you at the first bike race we intend to organize in Tilos, using the donation’s cycling equipment!

Tilos’ Mayoress,
Maria Kamma-Aliferi

During the workshops of this year, we discussed about various categories of animals such as the reptiles, the birds, the mammals and the fish and we analyzed each category independently. We were impressed by the defense mechanisms that the animals develop in order to survive.
All in all, it was an interesting activity as we were able to talk about animals that we were not so familiar with. Moreover, we were fascinated by the presentation of the workshops, which kept our interest alive till the end.

With love,
The pupils of the Aegean Ark of the World (Chios)

The visit realized by Arcturos fascinated the students. They were impressed by the interactive programme’s content, they formulated questions and in the end they were excited about the paintings of the birds.
Furthermore, the children enjoyed the game by NOESIS which motivated them to discover the meaning and the significance of the energy. They collaborated perfectly with each other and in the end, they had a vibrant discussion with the programmes’ rapporteurs.

Primary School of Pogoniani

The workshops were pretty constructive for the pupils. They provided them with many stimuli, information and food for thought. Especially for the children living in remote areas, this kind of activities assists them to get to know the world and socialize. During the workshops the children met new people, discussed, answered their questions and had a rich and full experience.
Thank you!

The teacher of the Primary school of Agios Vlasios,
N. Hronopoulou

The workshop of the Mini Planetarium was pretty impressive! In just a few minutes, the pupils learned a lot regarding the space, the astronauts and the efforts of America and Russia to conquer it. The Mini Planetarium is an installation inspired by space, something that amazed the kids. All in all, it was an extremely interesting experience for the pupils of a remote island.

Primary school of Agios Vlasios

We would like to thank you that during the last year, you have been so valuable supporters of our difficult work and that you endorsed our effort.

Ark of the World , Epirus

We really enjoyed the programme and the pupils were excited! Initiatives like this should be realized in all the remote islands! It was pretty interesting the fact that new workshops were held each time.

Mrs Koukourava, teacher of Dytiki Fragkista’s Primary School

The workshop of the Mini Planetarium was fantastic, original and it offered us interesting knowledge! The “bubbly” space really impressed us, as we hadn’t seen before something similar and it would be difficult to visit it in Athens! We would really love to have you back in our school!

Thank you for everything! Have a nice summer!
The students of Dytiki Fragkista’s Primary School