We are students on a small and inaccessible island, Donousa, and we would like to thank you very much for thinking about us, coming and showing us such nice and useful things. We hope the “Energy for Life Travels” program will continue its action next year and be back again. Thank you very much!

The teacher and pupils of Donoussa’s Primary School

Thank you very much for your offer and your work to help distant schools like ours, giving pupils joy and making them feel that some people care about them. Composting has helped these children love the environment and understand how to make fertilizers for their orchards from their garbage. Also, through an interactive play of Arcturus, the children learned about the wolf and the brown bear. Finally, they travelled in space through watching movies from the mobile planetarium. We hope your program will continue and you will come back again. The children are waiting for you!

The students and the educational staff of the Primary School of Paou Kalavrita

On behalf of the students and teachers of the Kindergarten, Primary and High School of Thirassia, we would like to express our warm thanks for the workshops you organized in our school with the program “Energy For Life Travels” for another school year. We believe that such initiatives are valuable for entertainment, education, and the spiritual cultivation of children, especially those living and growing in remote areas. We hope there will be a similar follow-up in the future.

The Director of Thirasia’s High School,
Liontiris Konstantinos

Thirassia is a small island with few inhabitants so close to Santorini, but so … far away. The stimuli, as well as the motivation to learn is very small. The continued support by the constant visits by the program “Energy For Life Travels”, which was very important for us this year. The people who came communicated new knowledge in their own way, but mainly sensitized children to environmental issues, something which is very important nowadays. I think the work done this year was very important, we are very pleased with our cooperation and we will be glad for the program to continue next year with new and equally interesting programs!

The head of the Primary School of Thirassia,
Ioannis Miliadis

Our students were very pleased with the presentation of the educational program. Beyond the fact that they met new animals and gained more knowledge on what they already knew, they appreciated your attendance at our school and were excited when we visited the Goulandris Natural History Museum website during the Flexible Zone period. They also greatly enjoyed being able to keep the evaluation paper given at the end to remember what was being discussed. Finally, the students liked the little reference to the ways of defending and attacking people through an interactive card game.

The students and teachers of Vassilikou’s Primary School

Thank you for giving this year an opportunity for students to initially get in touch with people from different bodies and then be informed and sensitize dabout various environmental issues such as composting, bear protection, etc. The activities that took place during these visits were very pleasant for the students and always kept their interest strong! We hope you continue your work in this way and support remote schools as you did this year with us!

The Head of Vlassia’s Primary School,
Eleni Giannopoulou

We enjoyed the visit by Arkturus very much. We learned a lot about bears and wolves. We liked the game we played and the video that Mrs. Vassiliki showed us. One day we would really like to visit the shelter at Nymfaio!
We loved the games we played, that we learned a lot about animals and that we learned how to make fertilizer from fruits and vegetables.

The students of Vlassia’s Primary School, Kalavrita

The children of the school are deprived of stimuli and opportunities, both because of the remote location of the village and the lack of infrastructure and funding. Therefore, any additional stimulus is of particular appreciation and importance for the children, since it is a rare learning experience for them. This year, our participation in the program “Energy For Life Travels” brought students in contact with the practice of composting, the importance of the forest as a source of water, as well as with books with the sea as a topic, thanks to the programme Books on Wheels. Such experiences are very important for these children, and the proof is that they often recall and refer to them during the school year. On behalf of the children, I would like to thank you for the opportunities you offered them!

The teacher of the Petsakoi Primary School,
Michalis Kaminelis

It was a pleasant surprise for our students to attend aninteresting tribute to the dolphininstead of the lesson of the daily program! The “Arion” with the program “Energy For Life Travels” had to stop at Skyros, in the heart of the Aegean, in order to talk to the children. We really thank you.

The Director of Skyros High School,
Karadimou Paraskeui

The day Arion visited us was very interesting! Through the lab we realized that we, the new generation, must care about cetaceans and have to try to protect them!

The pupils of Skyros Primary School