Educational trip in Brussels
14 – 16 May
The educational competition regarding the dissemination of the 17 UN Sustainable
Development Goals was successfully completed.

The theme of the student competition was “I develop an action that combines one or more
of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on the innovation and the applicability
of the idea to everyday life”. The aim of the initiative was to raise awareness among
students on environmental and social issues of the modern world, the search for sustainable
practices, and action to improve the quality of life of the locals. The innovation of the action
chosen by the pupils, the development and formulation of their idea, its presentation
through online interviews, as well as the practical application of the objective, were the
criteria on the basis of which the committee evaluated the teams that participated in the

A total of 22 groups of pupils from schools in the region participated in the competition.
Winner was the team “GEFYROS … POIETES”, consisting of 9 students of the 1st class of
Lyceum from the 4th General Uniform Lyceum of Arta, which worked on Objective 11 of the
UN SBA “Sustainable Cities and Communities”. The team presented its ideas for Arachthos
River and the way it will be the basis for the development of Arta in a secure and
sustainable city without exclusion.

The prise for the winning team was a three-day trip to Brussels, the capital of Belgium and
the European Union’s administrative center. Students and team’s teachers visited
monuments and sights of the city, the European Parliament and the European Commission’s
headquarters, where they had a meeting with European Commissioner for Immigration,
Home Affairs and Citizenship Mr. D. Avramopoulos. Another meeting also took place with
the Head of Communication for Greece and Cyprus of the Regional Information Center of
the UN, Mr. D. Fatouros. During these meetings the team had the chance to present their
ideas for the sustainable development.
Furthermore, the team visited the European school and the Kestikeidio Hellenic school in
Brussels. The pupils and the educational staff of the schools welcomed the students from
Arta. During these visits the team has the opportunity to present the Educational Suitcase of
the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goalsf, an interactive game created by qualified
teachers sponsored by the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, which will travel in many schools
in Greece the next school year. They played together the game, exchanged ideas for
workable practices for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and
created friendships.

As a conclusion it is worth mentioning that students and teachers have contributed to the
dissemination of all UN Sustainable Development Objectives and have received remarkable
feedback on their substantial and dynamic presence. They returned back being aware of the
idea of ​​United Europe and were determined to become Ambassadors of Sustainable
Development in their city.
The love of all the students who participated in the competition for their place, their anxiety
about their sustainable development, the prudence, the maturity, the teamwork, the
sensitivity and the multiple of applicable ideas they have proposed, make them all winners
and us proud!