Research for the protection of the Aegean biodiversity

In Donousa and Astypalaia, students and teachers visited the research vessel "Aegean Explorer" where they had the opportunity to learn about the use of scientific tools and their importance in trying to defend our natural resources. They discussed with researchers from Greece and 13 other countries about the rare species and ecosystems they study on their island, the ways in which they are scientifically recorded but also how each of us can contribute to their protection. As part of this original onboard workshop entitled "Research for the Protection of the Rare Aegean Biodiversity", students and teachers saw experiments that were performed to analyze the content of seawater samples, they also had the opportunity to see how various marine research machines work, such as multibeam sonar, biomass scanner, underwater robotic camera, ROV, etc., and discuss with researchers how the use of these scientific tools contributes to a better understanding of marine ecosystems. In the end, the discussion focused on the issues related to the main threats to the biodiversity of the Greek seas, as well as how each of us can, through simple practices in our daily lives to reduce the footprint of plastic pollution