On behalf of all students (primary and secondary education) and the teaching staff I would like to express: Our warm thanks for your interest and action, our excitement and astonishment at what we have learned during the program, it would be our
honor including us for the next year. Actions like yours that combine front-end teaching-information with dialogue and field experiments, stimulate children's interest, giving them motivation for further research, and enrich their career plans and ideas.
I wish that once a month we could host similar programs.

The Director of the Anafis High School, Thanassis Varsos

It is important to open the school to institutions such as HCMR and the Agricultural University of Athens, which can offer a different pedagogical approach to academia and attract students with experiential projects. Our school, the 4th High School of Komotini, has benefited many times from your organization with the program "energy for life travels" with the donation of oil, but also with pedagogical interventions in the subjects of water quality control, chemistry laboratory and reproduction of plants in biology.
We look forward to continuing our collaboration for the next school year and in other areas. There are many activities in the current school year that we would be interested in implementing next school year. Thank you for your contribution to our school.

The Director of the 4th Komotini High School, Sarti Marianna

In a region with rich seismic activity as was recently shown by the phenomena in Zakynthos and the Ionian Sea in general, to be able (directly and by students) to get in touch with scientists at the "Museum of Natural History-University of Crete" and to inform For seismic events – volcanic disasters and their management, it was the best that could be offered in an
island area with difficulty accessing operators. We thank you and look forward to a new year of cooperation

The Director of Lithakia Primary School, Konstantinos Andreolas

Thank you very much for visiting us with the program "Energy for Life Travels". The students
of Paramythia High School participated in the seminar you did at our school and became aware of the issues of energy and the environment. But the most important for our school was the participation of Grades 3 and 2 students in the "Energy for Life Travels" competition in Brussels. We as teachers consider it a great experience for our students to engage in social and environmental issues that concern the modern world. They worked with enthusiasm, formed random groups, and managed to write a large project in a short period of time. We hope to have you with us next year with more programs and we wish you a good summer.

The Paramythia High School Teachers' Association

Living on a small Aegean island like Thirasia we know very well what a means to be a remote area. Our students contact with the "Energy for Life Travels" program expanded their horizons & desires for action & offering. After all, there are few opportunities and impulses for their knowledge and expression outside of school. Such actions need to be repeated and reinforced in order to raise the awareness and active involvement of our children.
The Director of Thirasia High School

The students and teachers of Basilikou Zakynthos school, would like to thank you for the games we played and the opportunity to get to know environments and animals quite different from those on our island. It was a very enjoyable and fun experience for all of us and we look forward to our next meeting!
School Board of Basiliko Zakynthos

The "Books on Wheels" program seemed very nice to me. It was something original. As a mobile library. It had nice books related to nature. Books that made sense and each one of us learned by reading them important lessons about nature. a small message.
6th graders, from the 10th Primary School of Komotini

Through this competition we initially succeeded in winning the cooperation and understanding between us. But at the same time, we realized that we are not just a group but a young family that has made a great journey … I use the word great because after many hours of traveling and several kilometers we have gained knowledge, experiences and above all virtues for our life! We are very happy, and proud for the results of the cooperation and that we were the final winners of the competition! That is why we would like to thank you for this great opportunity you have given us! Thank you!
Nikolaki Niovi, student of 4th Arta High School

This unexpected victory over the wonderful trip to Brussels offered me much more. One of them was that I was given the opportunity to spend time with some great people and I really wish to repeat the whole experience. Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to our teachers for their support and the program “Energy for life travels” for the competition.
Vlachoniannis Panagiotis, student of 4th High School of Arta

This trip means a lot to all of us because besides being a life experience we have seen many new things that will remain forever in our hearts. Within these days we saw the culture and lifestyle of Belgium of a completely different country from Greece. I would also like to say a big thank you to Agoni Grammi Gonimi for organizing the competition, but also to our teachers who accompanied us during the trip.
Kotsianis Chrysostomos, student of 4th High School of Arta