We offer the greatest natural energy source of our day, the oil, covering the basic need of heating in schools of our continental destinations.

Under the action of EKO-Mobility, the Hellenic Petroleum Group decided once again to offer the most important natural energy source, the heating oil, to schools in the country. In particular, this winter it covered the basic heating needs of five schools.

To be more specific, on December 18th 2019, oil was delivered to the Primary School of Korrisia Kea, two days later, December 20th, this action was extended to the 1rs Primary School of Skiathos. On December 23th, the 2nd Primary School Rachon of Ikaria and on the 20 th January the Primary School of Astipalaia, were also supplied with heating oil. This year for the first time, a donation of oil was made to the remote Imvros, specifically to the Greek High School. Students and teachers appreciated this act of supplying the schools with enough oil for the coming winter, while the local community was also delighted to see this move, recognizing the importance of private initiative.




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