“Ap’ousia” SCE is mainly involved in the planning and implementation of educational and cultural programs based on experiential learning. Simultaneously, our team aims at the creation of educational communities with children and adults that will promote creative dialogue and explore new methods of learning and alternative approaches of art.

The team is composed by trained staff in the field of education, art and culture, which is proved by the members’ academic background and professional experience. Common ground for “Ap’ousia” team’s members is our interest in alternative and libertarian education, and our belief that play and self-regulation have a primary role in the educational process. Perceiving children as equal members of a team, with self-willed thought and their capacity to form their own opinions and find solutions to the problems they compose by themselves, the goal is for them to perceive the world around them by their own means and experiences.

Ευχαριστώ πολύ!