Books on wheels

Books on wheels

The innovative programme “BOOKS ON WHEELS” launched in 2011 by the nonprofit cultural organisation PYRNA, aims to bring small, portable and thematic libraries to kindergartens and primary schools. The “BOOKS ON WHEELS”, is transported to classes inside a sac on wheels so it can be carried more easily. Each sac contains 25 books covering three levels of reading ability.  The sac remains in the classroom for a period of 4 weeks, so as to allow enough time for borrowing books and parallel activities such as workshops, literature club, talks with writers and illustrators, visits to libraries, exhibitions, etc.

The programme “BOOKS ON WHEELS” brings a small thematic “library” to the classroom, on a wheeled sac so as to be easily transferred. This approach offers to children the opportunity not only to browse, study, read or hear books in the classroom but also to borrow some of them at their homes.


Marina Kouremenou-Flegga
Ioanna Koulaki