Hellenic Oceanographers’ Association (HOA)

Hellenic Oceanographers’ Association (HOA)

The Hellenic Institute of Oceanographers has been active since 1986 on matters of oceanographic science, which are directly related to the marine environment. The main objectives are the promotion, development and dissemination of the Oceanographic science, as well as informing, raising awareness and educating the public on issues concerning the coastal and marine environment, which are vital for Greece. At the same time, it aims to guarantee and achieve recognition for the profession of oceanography in the country, but also in cooperation with the State and with all public and private institutions, whose activities are related to the marine environment, it aims to solve some relevant problems and also guarantee its effective management and protection in the spirit of sustainable development.

The training program which will be implemented, entitled “Exploring the Ocean with Oceanography”, aims among other things to make children familiar with their ways of exploring the oceans, climate change and its impacts, biodiversity and the ways of protecting and exploiting of sea.