Scihigh STEAM

Scihigh STEAM

George Papailiou and Odisseas Platsakis, consist the educational team of SciHigh. Both of them are physicists and due to their love for their science, they extended their actions, in order to promote matters concerning science and technology. Their inspiration comes from the scientific and technological events which changed the course of humanity as well as everyday physical phenomena and also scientific concerns.

They plan and they execute educational programs, aiming at the familiarity of students with science, new technological methods and the tools available as well as critical thought. All of the programs are based in the 5 principles of STEAM – Science / Technology / Engineering / Art/ Mathematics and they also revolve around the resolution of a problem. Their main aim is, at the same time, to challenge the students into studying, analyzing, planning, working together as well as evaluating the result of the problem and also themselves.