Thirteen remote islands constitute a special environmental site. Respect for the environment and sustainable development are in our hands. The educational program “Energy for Life Travels” is here to build bridges that will unite the young generation of today with the good environmental practices of tomorrow.
Inspired by the culture of the sea, the participating bodies pay homage to the elements of nature with an educational program which starts and ends in water, which serves as a natural and imaginary borderline. Living on islands is not only the endless blue of the sea. Therefore the scheduled activities extent to the land, aiming at the proper management of available resources and in the creation of a new environmental “chapter” built on respect
for nature.
From the chapels of Sikinos, to the Papadiamanti’s historic past of Skiathos and the dense forest of Skopelos to the local delicacies of Kassos, biotopes of Karpathos, the naval tradition of Kastelorizo, and the remote Imvros, “The Journey of Energy for Life” connects the dots, and safeguards these thirteen islands with an ecological awareness shield against environmental degradation.




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