Energy: I choose & I save

The trip to Imbros was a unique experience. This island is not only a remote and inaccessible destination, but also one of the lost homelands, which gave my visit a special emotional burden. The old primary school, in the aria of Agridia, now houses the Greek High School and Imbros High School, with forty children of all grades attending. The building has been given to the Imbrian community, provided it continues to be used as a school.

As for the workshop entitled “Energy: I choose & I save” the students were divided into groups and started playing the educational game. The main goal of the workshop was to help students understand that energy plays an important role in our lives and that our personal choices can affect individual energy consumption as well as overall energy status (depletion of non-renewable energy sources). The students' questions and observations showed that there was a real and intense interest in the activity.




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