Our Mission statement

The “Energy for Life Travels” is an environmental awareness program that calls upon remote
destinations in Greece, by spreading ideas, thoughts and insights of ecological interest to
students, as well as to the inhabitants of the places it visits.
The program aims to inform and raise awareness among the local communities on issues
related to the respect and preservation of our environmental heritage, on sustainable
development, on energy management methods and on natural resources, not just in theory
but mainly in practice.
The program is carried out by the non-profit organization “Agoni Grammi Gonimi” with the

sponsorship of HELLENIC PETROLEUM, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and
Religious Affairs; it has the support of the United Nations Regional Information Centre
(UNRIC) and takes place between October and May.

For the school year 2018-2019 the primer focus is the 17 goals set by the UN and
more specifically the following seven:

4We support access to equal and quality education with no discrimination over gender, religion, race, by helping students acquire skillsets that promote sustainable development and a sustainable way of life.
7We support access to sustainable, easily accessible and
modern energy sources through infrastructure.
11Through raising awareness, by involving a great
number of people we contribute to the general effort made to reduce the negative
environmental impact of the local communities and especially when it comes to waste
12We press on adopting methods of reducing waste, recycling and reusing.
13We support access for remote areas in actions that raise awareness and educate people on the topics of climate change and managing the greenhouse effect.
14A big part of the actions pertains to the topic of marine polution and
the ways we can protect the marine ecosystems.
17We cooperate with experienced entities that have been our
trusted partners since the very beginning as well as new ones every year and we respect any existing policies when it comes to sustainable development.


Steering Committee

Rania Soulaki
Stefanos Nollas
Gogo Mantelli

Project Manager
Stefanos Nollas

Program Coordinators
Eugenia Eleftheriadou
Evi Andromanetsikou

Creative Director
Stella Dimitrakopoulou

Web developer/IT
Dimitris Koxias






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