Exploring the sea with the oceanographers

In the first workshop 35 students participated, from the First Elementary School of Raches in Ikaria as well as their teachers. At the first part of the workshop a small presentation took place, about the educational actions of the Hellenic Oceanographers Association and of the workshop "Exploring the sea with the oceanographers". The presentation thrilled the students and their questions were many and to the point. The second part of the workshop was more interactive, including a physics experiment. The children at first paid great
attention, to who the phenomenon is evolving and then trying to explain it, in a successful manner.

At the second workshop, in which 25 children participated, was addressed in kids of younger age groups. Their interest for the science of oceanography was profound and their questions
were plenty, while they were trying to explain the sea environment, based on their own experiences. Afterwards, a science experiment took place as well as the demonstration of some specific scientific instruments which are used in oceanography. Their participation was great and they showed great enthusiasm, beyond any expectation. One of the children surprisingly, expressed its intention to become an oceanographer himself, when he will grow up!




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