Exploring the sea with the oceanographers

The Elementary School of Evdilos is the only school at the small by sea village of Evdilos in Ikaria. The 104 students were divided in 4 groups, in order for the workshops to take part
during the day. With the help of the rapporteurs, they had the chance to explore the sea and at the same time learn what an oceanographer is, how he works and what instruments he
uses. For some of the instruments a small demonstration took place. They showed great interest for the modern problem of the accumulation of the rubbish at the sea environment,
and how the rubbish travel due to the ocean streams and the danger they cause at the sea biodiversity. What stood out was there love for the sea organisms and also their enthusiasm
for the special formations that are happening both at the beaches and at the sea, trying at the same time to explain their creations. The day at the Elementary School of Evdilos finished with the students and the teachers encouraging us to visit them again in the future, in this beautiful village and school.




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