“Exploring the sea with the oceanographers

The Second Elementary School of Raches is located at the village of Agios Polikarpos in Ikaria and it has 25 students. In the workshops all of the students as well as their teachers took
place. Firstly, there we presented the educational actions of the “Hellenic Oceanographers Association”, followed by a presentation with the title: “We explore the sea with the
oceanographers”. We were surprise from how informed of the students were, in matters concerning the sea environment but also from their very accurate questions that they imposed on us, during the presentation. They were surprised from the photographs of the sea waves and from the demonstration of oceanographic instruments. At the same time, they showed great interest about our country’s biodiversity and they were informed about the reasons that it is so important to protect the species which are in danger. Lastly, a science experiment took place, in which the kids participated strongly and also imposed questions, trying to understand the phenomenon that they were observing.




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