We would like to thank the associations “Books on Wheels”, “MOM”, “NOESIS”, “ANIMA” and their members for coming to Ereikousa and help us fight monotony! Being on this small and remote island this year I understood how important it is for the students to come in touch with other people that will offer their knowledge on issues closer to their wishes and interests, something that is essential for their complete development. We will be happy for the program to continue next year with more of your interesting workshops!

The Supervisor of the 1-class Secondary School of Ereikousa
Sakka Katerina

We want to thank everyone that visited us. We learnt about the birds and we went outside to take pictures of them. We learnt about the seals and how to behave if we meet a seal that is hurt! We also played a game about energy and we had to understand when the consumption was high or low, and at the end we got to keep the materials we played the game with! We also read a lot of books that we found in a big suitcase, that were about animals!

Students of the 1-class Secondary School of Ereikousa
Leon, Renato, Hermes, Aldo

Energy for Life travels once again proved this year that puts through a great role, supporting and standing by schools that are located in remote areas of Greece, in a practical way. The activities that took place in our scool this year ( animation creations and the seminar for the brown bear and the wolf) were perfectly organized from an excellently trained personnel. They managed to have the young students interested throughout the seminars and they passed on their knowledge and values with fun and pleasant ways.

I hope that you will continue your work with the same passion and that you will always offer to our schools in the remote areas, “fertile” ideas and activities.

The Supervisor of the Secondary School of Vovousa
Delli Christina

I had a very nice time. I liked taking pictures and watch as they slowly made a movie. I had never done it before. It was perfect!

I learnt a lot about the brown bear. We have to know, because they live so close to us. I laughed and played during the seminar. I hope it will be repeated! I really enjoyed it!

Students of the Secondary School of Vovousa

The perfect approach to theissue with various activities (audiovisual, paper cutting, drawing etc) helped educate and raise awareness in relation to issues of protecting and caring for the turtles.

We want to thank you for your generosity and to congratulate you for your great initiative. Good luck with your task and we hope that you will visit our island again.

The Principal of the 6-class Secondary School of Chora-Karvounadon Kithiron
Georgios Leontsinis

On Monday, January the 19th 2015, a gentleman cam to our school, from the association Archelon, that protects the sea turtles. He explained how a Kareta-Kareta turtle can very easily get hurt and die. We watched a relevant video and at the end we played in the yard doing paper cutting. I really liked it and I hope that he will come again soon.

Students of the 6-class Secondary School of Chora-Karvounadon Kithiron

We live in a mountainous village that is called Delvinaki. The few students that are here feel isolated and forgotten, and that is why I Would like to thank you warmly for offering them joy and making them feel that they are not alone in this remote part of Greece. You showed to them that there are people who think about them, support them and help them.

We hope that you program Agoni Grammi Gonimi will continue and that you will come back. The students are waiting for you.

The Supervisor of the Secondary School of Delvinaki
Miriounis Ioannis

Thank you for coming and showing to us various things. They were very useful to all of us. We are waiting for you next year!

Thank you for coming here and showing to us all these things about energy, and for taking the time with all of us. We all want you to come back next year.

Students of the Secondary School of Delvinaki

The students of the High School of Pogoniani were excited to attend the experiential workshop that was about the history of the microscope. This was part of the program Agoni Grammi Gonimi. The students had the opportunity to closely see what a microscope can do. The program was well organized and we had a good collaboration with the people who coordinated it. We hope that we will collaborate again.

We want to thank your team for the important work they offer and we wish you the best!

The tutors and the Principal of the High School of Pogoniani


During the visit of Mr Koutsogiannopoulos our students had the chance to see everything that nature includes, even though they already are so close to it. They saw things in a different way, more scientific, they looked at details that at different times they had not payed much attention to.

Especially interesting was the fact that for the first time they saw this plant that one only finds on our island.Our students were very interested in the seminar that Mr Koutsogiannopoulos presented in the library room of our school. In general, it was an extremely constructive encounter and it would be very pleasant for us to have it repeated.

Thank you,

The Principal
Krayopoulos Dimitris

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