The mystery of the little Bear

Our second stop was at the village of Agios Polikarpos, where we were expected by the students of the second Elementary School. At the first hour, due to fact that the students had too many questions about Arktouros and his actions, we presented at them a video and photographs, while having a very nice conversation about wild animals and nature. With the unique way that the children express themselves about the matters which surprise them or they make them wondered, one of the characteristically asked: “Why humans are so mean to animals and why they hurt them?”. This is why we discussed with the students that sometimes humans don’t understand that they hurt the animals, the same way we are hurting. At the second hour we presented the program “The mystery of the little Bear” with all the students, because the students from the younger class asked to participate. With the 360o photographs that we showed them, it was like they were “travelling” for the first time in our shelters. By solving the riddles, the students found the little bear, which was the task of the game and we finished the workshop with the students asking us to visit them again next year.




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