Goals: 2 Zero Hunger, 10 Reduced Inequalities

Within the framework of the educational programme “Earth 2030”, the pupils of the 4 th , 5 th and 6 th grade of the Fournoi Elementary School gained knowledge of the social inequalities around the world and their different manifestations. The issue of disabilities and the inequality that it brings was discussed, and the issue of refugees as well. The videotaped material “I see – I feel – I hear” was projected, which deals with the issue of hearing loss and deafness, while the discussion revolved also around the present society and in particular the refugee issue. Through a storm of ideas the two meanings were clarified and the subject at hand was completed with a group – cooperation type activity, in which the pupils would have to identify 5 objects that they would take along in case they would have to leave their homes immediately. This convergence of opinions though initially appeared to be a difficult endeavor, later on proved to be quite beneficial regarding the opinions exchange and the argumentation.

In an inductive way followed the issue of food scarcity in other countries. A board with necessary information on the issue displayed different unshapely fruit and then, questions followed regarding of what would happen if each and one of us would buy a similar fruit or vegetable. In the context of this dynamic discussion, an “argumentation court” followed with two groups of pupils – jury in opposing positions: One was in favour on the idea of discarding the fruits and vegetables that were bad in sight but good in flavour and one was against it. The activity was deemed particularly fruitful with different arguments and discussion. It proved to be very entertaining for all, with the two students – judges to decide against the discarding of the food. The programme was completed with an Action Aid message projection regarding the hunger in third world countries and the value that food holds.





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