Workshop title: Goal No 13 “Action for the climate”

Initially, the coming in the hands of the teacher Sofia Triantafyllou of the educational suitcase “Earth 2030” caused curiosity and then excitement. Sofia is the geography teacher of the 2 nd grade middle school students in Lemnos’ Myrina middle school. When we opened the suitcase, we could not decide which one of the many interesting subjects included we would get our hands on. Finally, we dealt with the issue of the environment and its protection.

The first thing the children did, was to put into action the small solar panel that provided energy for a small fan. It was only natural that the children were excited. Following some conversations and the effort to bring out the environmental problems we visited several different areas and talked about the responsibility we need to show as members of the society regarding the environmental protection. We visited the underground waste bins of our city, discussed about recycling and its benefits, visited our islands’ beaches and decided all together to try and preserve our environment clean and protect it as well. We would like to warmly thank you for this opportunity and we hope to work together again.

The teacher and the children of the B3 Class of Lemnos Myrina middle school.





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