Workshop title: Goals: No1 Zero poverty, No 3 good health and prosperity, No 5 gender equality

The programme “ energy for life travels” came to be known to us through the non profit Agoni Grammi Gonimi, which also implements the programme. The suitcase with the educational material aiming to raise awareness in the students regarding the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, was a unique educational tool. It raised their interest since they first laid eyes on the 3D book – globe, but also the supporting materials. Some of the children called it a “treasure hunt”. This phrase was also utilised by the teacher that implemented the project, in order to engage the children in exploring our planets’ treasures, both material and not, that are worth rescuing and thus, are part of this educational programmes’ goal setting. The project was implemented by the 5 th and 6 th grade of the Symi primary school. The goal setting was the childrens’ choice, based on their interests and through cooperative procedures, but also through proper argumentation for the support of the particular choices.

On the 5 th grade and due to the small number of children, only one goal was set (1 – zero poverty). On the 6 th grade, 3 goals were set (1 – zero poverty, 3 good health and prosperity, 5 gender equality). Many interesting conclusions came up via the childrens’ work on the goals mentioned above. In particular, regarding the goals 1 and 5, though the children had come across with some information about the matters at hand, they had not realized the extent of the issue. From the material taken by websites and the activities that took place in class, the students formed a clearer image about the reality that many people face across the globe and they also came into contact with some ideas that can help them change this reality in the near future. Their involvement with the programme gave them the chance to see life through someone elses’ shoes, that experiences a different reality, possible though to change if we all together decide to act. We thank you for this wonderful initiative. We wish we could have more time than just one week, in order to get all the classes involved.
Carry on your work!

The principan of Symi 2 nd primary school
Anna Kritikou





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